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Professional Blog Management

A great blog gives you a platform for communicating with your target audience and an arena for active discussions with your customers.
Besides increasing engagement, a blog is an excellent tool for solidifying your professional online reputation. It can position you as an expert in your field, strengthen your brand, and drive traffic and new potential clients to your website.
Beyond the content, successful blogging is also about promoting the posts so people will read what you have to say.

Veribo can give you both great content and the right exposure.
Since 2007, we have opened and maintained tens of blogs for our clients around the globe. We have experience blogging in many languages and on many (many!) different topics and industries.
And we make it easy – all you need to do is approve the posts.
Our services include:

  • Set up – Design and website development based on WordPress premium templates
  • Content strategy – Learning your target audience and determining the best content mix to engage it
  • Content creation – Recruitment and management of expert bloggers to write for your brand
  • SEO optimization of the blog posts
  • Blog promotion for the farthest possible reach

With years of experience in creating blogs for our clients, Veribo is able to effectively and professionally manage your personal or corporate blog so you can get the most out of this highly competitive medium.

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