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Case Studies for Individuals

Online Reputation Case Study: CEO


The Challenge:

This person was a highly successful CEO in a multinational investment bank. During his tenure as CEO, the company was involved in a high profile court case in which he was called in as a witness. Despite the fact that the court case occurred nearly six years ago, two news articles about it still appear in the search results for this person’s name and were the first thing people saw when looking him up online.

The Solution:

In online reputation management for individuals, it is important to create a natural online footprint: a logical mix of different types of online assets. This mix should include personal websites/blogs, social media profiles, media mentions, etc.

Building a strategy

First, we analyzed all of the positive and neutral websites already online mentioning the client. This was to determine which sites matched the online reputation the client was looking to portray and, among those, which sites had the best chance of ranking highly in Google’s search results.

There were several promising online assets. The client was actively involved in several philanthropies whose activities occasionally received publicity. In addition, in the past, the client’s role in a famous merger and acquisition had resulted in a number of mentions of his name in international news articles.

The client decided that he would like to focus his online reputation on his hobbies and philanthropic activities, less on his professional career.


  • Blog management: Veribo opened several blogs which spoke about the client’s chosen subject matter and managed the entire blogging process from content creation to blog promotion.
  • Social media presence: We opened social media profiles, including: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which the client could use to promote the charities and hobbies he is involved in.
  • Informative websites: Veribo built several large websites for the client that showcased his hobbies and philanthropic activities.
  • Positive online assets: We uploaded biographies and profiles about the client to various third party sites to create a link matrix to promote positive news articles about the client and his blogs.
  • Natural online footprint: In order to maintain a natural mix of search results, we leveraged the fact that there is another person with the same name as our client. We promoted this person’s business website as a neutral search result.

The Outcome:

On the first page of Google, all of the search results are either positive or neutral. The client now has platforms for discussing topics close to his heart: the philanthropic causes he donates his time and money to and the hobbies he loves. The news articles about the court case have been pushed back in the search results.


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