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Case Studies for Companies

Online Reputation Case Study: Financial Company

The Challenge:

This financial company works in a highly competitive niche where competition is fierce both from companies that offer similar services and also from affiliates. Affiliate websites and aggregate marketing sites were ranking before the company’s official corporate website in searches for the company’s name.
As a result, the company had little control over its online reputation: potential customers and investors were first exposed to what others had to say about the company and only later to the company’s official messaging. There were also several unwanted results on the first page that the company wished to push down.

The Solution:

The company works worldwide with its official website translated into several languages. The project was conducted in multiple languages in several geographies. A unified ORM strategy was developed with specific adjustments made for different locations. This ensured consistent branding and messaging in all of the online assets created for this client.
Our main approach was multifaceted:

Changes to the company’s corporate website

We worked to strengthen the company’s official website to increase its ranking in the SERPs. Our SEO experts went over the company’s corporate site and provided concrete recommendations for improvement. These suggestions included changes to content, site hierarchy and navigation, code, etc.

Informative online assets

Veribo built large informative websites to compete for top ranking instead of the aggregate and affiliate sites. These websites aimed to provide readers with relevant, accurate information about the company and its services and then to direct them to read more on the company’s official website.
For these websites, Veribo created high quality content to attract readers to the sites and to interact with the company’s social media profiles.
In addition, we promoted in the SERPs positive news reports and articles on third party sites about the company to create a natural online footprint for the company.

Improved social media presence

We leveraged and opened social media profiles to provide additional, positive search results that also offer added marketing value. We instructed the company on how to maximize its social media presence both by choosing the right content to post and also by how to promote it effectively. This included uploading videos and tutorials produced by the company and then promoting them to rank on the SERPs first page.

Blog management

Another important aspect of the project was managing multiple blogs for the company. This included determining the subject of each blog based on its audience and then generating interesting, professional, audience-appropriate content.
The blogs were constantly updated with fresh content that positioned the company as an expert in its field and up to date on the latest industry news.

Tying it all together

We then created a link matrix between the sites, blogs, the company’s social media profiles and other third party profiles.
With a substantial amount of assets on a wide range of platforms, we then worked to promote the strongest, most important sites and social media profiles so they would be indexed highly in the search results.

The Outcome:

The additional sites that Veribo built and promoted to the first page of Google’s search results have given the company added control over the SERPs and exposure, as well as additional platforms for marketing and client outreach.
The unwanted and negative search results, including the aggregate and affiliate sites, have been pushed below the fold and to the second page of the search results where they are far less prominent.
As a result of Veribo’s work, the company’s website now sits in the first place of Google’s search results. The intensive SEO work resulted in site links appearing in the SERPs, reducing the number of overall search results on the first page. Traffic to the corporate site has dramatically increased and with that conversions.
In addition, the first page also now contains new web assets, controlled by the company, and several of the company’s social media profiles. With greater visibility, the company’s social media channels have been enjoying significantly more engagement.

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