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What Is ORM?

If you can get stuff that you want people to see to outperform the stuff you don’t want them to see, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of harm that negative or embarrassing content can do to your reputation. blockquoteicon_reverse

Online reputation management is about taking control of your name online. The search results for your name or your brand names are critical to your image and often times the first, and most lasting, impression you make.

When you control the search results for your name, you can build and maintain a professional, online image according to your  business and/or personal agendas.

How does ORM work?

Our basic work is easy to understand. We create new online content that pushes down old, unwanted search results.

The difficulty comes from the fact that search engines use some of the smartest, most secret computer algorithms. This is why getting rid of unwanted results is not straightforward or simple.

The process of creating a natural-looking, professional online reputation has several stages.

These are the five steps in the lifecycle of each ORM project:

  1. Research – We analyse and chart the search results to determine which ones to promote and which ones to push down.
  2. Strategize – We tailor a strategy of the most effective way to take control of the first pages of Google’s search results. We base the strategy on the client’s present ORM status and future goals.
  3. Content creation – We create high quality content, such as blog posts, and online assets, such as websites, relevant to the search terms.
  4. Confirmation – The strategy and content are approved by the client before they go online.
  5. Monitor – We constantly follow the search results and tweak the strategy to gain and maintain control.
  6. Protect – We take measures to recognize threats and keep control over the search term.
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