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Fake News, Post-Truth and Online Reputation Management

Telling shocking news

Why is fake news so powerful? Is the truth always worth fighting for? Does Australia really exist? And what does all this have to do with online reputation management? Read on to find out…

In 1986, a Philosophy professor from Princeton University published an essay on bullshit. His name – Harry Frankfurt, his definition of bullshit – an “indifference to how things really are”. While a lie is a reaction to truth, and therefore an acknowledgment of it, bullshit is complete disregard of it. A bullshit statement may turn out to be true or false – it makes no difference to the bullshitter. All that matters is producing a convincing story. Frankfurt kicks off his essay with the following sentence: “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit.” That was true 31 years ago, and it is even truer today. Read More

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Cyber Security, Online Reputation Management, and Everything In Between

Cyber SecurityWhen it comes to online reputation management, the first things that may spring to mind are Google, search engines, PR, and content. While those are all key aspects of our presence in the digital space, there is one issue that seems to fall between the cracks – cyber security.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the protection of data on anything that connects to the internet: computers, mobile phones, servers, networks, applications, and more. While enjoying the daily benefits offered by all of these devices, which we have become so completely dependent on, it is important to remember that they also constitute targets for hostile entities. Unauthorized access to sensitive or personal information can lead to identity theft, loss of data, credit card fraud, exposure of personal details, hardware damage, and an online reputation crisis. Read More

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Who’s Searching for Cherie Blair?

search peopleMore and more companies and high profile individuals are realizing how dramatically Google’s first search results page affects their public image. Take for example the case of the former British Prime Minister’s wife, Cherie Blair.

Meet Simone, a professional housekeeper and executive home chef, who has just moved to the UK from France with her husband and daughter. The family has rented an apartment in London, and Simone and her husband start looking for work. After scouring through the classifieds, Simone spots the perfect job – Housekeeper and Chef for the Blair household. Of course she loves the idea of working for the former prime minister and his wife. Simone wants her application to be just right, so she decides to google Tony and Cherie Blair to learn more about her potential future employers. Read More

What is Google’s Mystery Update All About?

An interesting development hasVeribo Fight Penguin Update taken place within Google’s structural framework, and it comes in the form of a core ranking algorithm update. This information was confirmed earlier on in the year by two Google experts, John Mueller and Gary Illyes, who tweeted about the change not being a ‘Penguin update’, but rather a change to the existing algorithm.

It was surprising when Google confirmed this information, since it generally avoids publicizing algorithm updates, and rolls them out without any special announcements. However the importance of this algorithm cannot be underestimated in any way. Webmasters and SEO experts are continually monitoring websites for ranking changes, as well as the inner dynamics of the latest search engine updates. Read More

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The 1-2-3 of Trending on YouTube

Companies using videos for marketing and ORM (online reputation management) have one ultimate aim: they want their videos to go viral. Although every comment-intensive video out there has tveribo explains how to make your video go viralhe potential to gain its share of followers, it is not just about uploading it and waiting. There are billions of websites and videos online being watched by billions of viewers at any given moment, and it can be tricky to get your share of those viewers. The sheer numbers are so vast that achieving this is almost unfathomable. Read More

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How to Create Content Better Than Your Competitors

Because content is what makes or breaks your online presence, the content you create is crucial to your business. Everything you publish online forms your digital brand, and affects how the worlcontent is the kingd perceives you and your service offering. Besides keeping your image in top form, great content can also drive traffic to your site, create client engagement and boost search engine rankings. Here are some tips to make your content stand out from the crowd: Read More

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8 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Writing Online

Content, content, content. For the past few of years it has been the biggest buzzword in marketing. Almost every company now has a website, blog and content marketing budget, which has meant a tsunami of boring, poorly written, cheap online content.Writing For The Web
It might seem obvious, but boring, poorly written, cheap online content is not going to improve your company’s reputation online or effectively drive leads to your site. So why is there so much of it? Because writing good content is difficult: it takes time, thought and money.
Nevertheless, by avoiding these common mistakes, you can significantly improve your writing. Read More

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Online Reviews Making a Killing for Businesses

Google processes trillions of search queries every year, and more and more of these searches are for online reviews. Whether you are a doctor, a dog trainer or a feng shui consultant, all the Googlers out there are potential customers. Your online presence matters.

Are online reviews important for marketing?

When you start developing your image on the internet, there are many factors involved, like your website, activity on social media sites, and blogs. Besides showing the worveribo user reviewsld your unique selling points, what your business is about and what you can offer, there is another option: let others do the talking. Just like in the good old days, ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best ways of getting business through the door. The difference between back then and now is that, like everything else, word of mouth has been digitized. Just like we’ve traded printed phonebooks for online searches when looking for a business’ contact details — it is also quicker to Google online reviews instead of asking around about personal customer experiences with different local businesses. Read More

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How to Find Targeted Leads and Customers on Twitter

Optimal Exchange of Information with Mutual Benefit
Twitter is a great social media platform that can be used for optimal information exchange between the follower and yourself. But in order to facilitate the exchange of information, there needs to be inherent value for the user. In other words, engagement will only be maximized if the user engages with the content in an actionable way – by providinveribo how to get leads from twitterg an e-mail address, name and/or other data. To build trust in 140 characters takes some doing – but it’s entirely possible. The user needs to feel that there is an inherent benefit in the transaction and that’s precisely what makes the exchange of information possible. Read More

Why Online Reputation Management is Becoming More Important than PR

Traditional PR has always been the tool companies use to manage their public image. Whether a PR campaign is geared toward a certain issue, or simply reputation maintenance, it is usually made up of positive news items, like press releases showing what good the company is doing. It may feature stories on how the company keeps its employees happy, or what philanthropic initiatives it is involved with. PR people stay in touch with local media and make sure that the company they represent is projecting a positive image. ThOnline Marketing Strategyey produce press releases, media interviews and events. Read More

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