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How to Create Content Better Than Your Competitors

Because content is what makes or breaks your online presence, the content you create is crucial to your business. Everything you publish online forms your digital brand, and affects how the worlcontent is the kingd perceives you and your service offering. Besides keeping your image in top form, great content can also drive traffic to your site, create client engagement and boost search engine rankings. Here are some tips to make your content stand out from the crowd:

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8 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Writing Online

Content, content, content. For the past few of years it has been the biggest buzzword in marketing. Almost every company now has a website, blog and content marketing budget, which has meant a tsunami of boring, poorly written, cheap online content.Writing For The Web
It might seem obvious, but boring, poorly written, cheap online content is not going to improve your company’s reputation online or effectively drive leads to your site. So why is there so much of it? Because writing good content is difficult: it takes time, thought and money.
Nevertheless, by avoiding these common mistakes, you can significantly improve your writing.

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Online Reviews Making a Killing for Businesses

Google processes trillions of search queries every year, and more and more of these searches are for online reviews. Whether you are a doctor, a dog trainer or a feng shui consultant, all the Googlers out there are potential customers. Your online presence matters.

Are online reviews important for marketing?

When you start developing your image on the internet, there are many factors involved, like your website, activity on social media sites, and blogs. Besides showing the worveribo user reviewsld your unique selling points, what your business is about and what you can offer, there is another option: let others do the talking. Just like in the good old days, ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best ways of getting business through the door. The difference between back then and now is that, like everything else, word of mouth has been digitized. Just like we’ve traded printed phonebooks for online searches when looking for a business’ contact details — it is also quicker to Google online reviews instead of asking around about personal customer experiences with different local businesses.

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How to Find Targeted Leads and Customers on Twitter

Optimal Exchange of Information with Mutual Benefit
Twitter is a great social media platform that can be used for optimal information exchange between the follower and yourself. But in order to facilitate the exchange of information, there needs to be inherent value for the user. In other words, engagement will only be maximized if the user engages with the content in an actionable way – by providinveribo how to get leads from twitterg an e-mail address, name and/or other data. To build trust in 140 characters takes some doing – but it’s entirely possible. The user needs to feel that there is an inherent benefit in the transaction and that’s precisely what makes the exchange of information possible.

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Why Online Reputation Management is Becoming More Important than PR

Traditional PR has always been the tool companies use to manage their public image. Whether a PR campaign is geared toward a certain issue, or simply reputation maintenance, it is usually made up of positive news items, like press releases showing what good the company is doing. It may feature stories on how the company keeps its employees happy, or what philanthropic initiatives it is involved with. PR people stay in touch with local media and make sure that the company they represent is projecting a positive image. ThOnline Marketing Strategyey produce press releases, media interviews and events.

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Useful Tips to Get Your B2B Growth Hacking Strategy Off the Ground

It is mind-boggling how small improvements to your growth engine can make a lasting impact on your business’ bottom line. Luckily, B2B growth hacking is not rocket science. Creating new streams of business for your company by leveraging what you have, and using what you are good at is simply being sensible. Here are some tips on how you can get your B2B growth hacking strategy to take off:

Be a Copy-Cat

Becoming a pro at B2B growth hacking does not mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Why not steal some ideas? B2C growth B2B Marketing Veribohackers have a much easier task – after all, there are way more consumers than businesses. By looking at what the dime a dozen B2C growth hackers are doing, you can easily find ways of creatively repurposing their ideas in a way that would work for your B2B growth hacking strategy. For example, using social proof. A common B2C growth hacking strategy is to put testimonials, case studies and client logos on websites and social media sites. Why not do the same with business partners and collaborators? If you are looking at doing business with a reputable company, making it obvious that you are successfully working with other reputable companies is a huge selling point. Other ideas you could look at are:

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Top SEO Developments Predicted

So much is happening in the world of SEO that it is hard to pick just a few trends to talk about. Here are some of our top picks for 2016.

SEO Trends 2016Content rocks our socks

Gone are the days when you could scrape together a few sentences, throw in some keywords and phrases and call it optimized. These days, quality and relevance are vital when it comes to SEO-geared content. And that is not all it’s about – besides making sure that your content is of high quality, the latest SEO trends also call for social and interactive content. We predict that content from social media streams like Facebook and Twitter will become even more important on search engine result pages (SERPs) in 2016. This means that the lines between web and social media will soon be blurred when it comes to content strategies.

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Clicks and Platforms: An Introduction to Search Result Strength

search result is a combination of many factions

search result is a combination of many factions

Oftentimes potential clients come to us asking to delete unwanted information appearing about them in the first pages (or more) or the search results.

So to set the record straight, once and for all – we don’t delete information from Google’s, or for that matter any search engines’, search results.

While it would be an interesting plot for an action film (and kind of cool), we don’t break into Google’s headquarters in the middle of the night wearing ski masks to fiddle with the servers.

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Look before You Upload: Insight into Google’s Right to Be Forgotten Statistics

It has been nearly four months since the European Union Court ruled that every person “has the right to be forgotten” on Google’s search results. It took GRight to Be Forgotten oogle a couple of weeks but, relatively quickly, the search engine giant set up an online form for people to place requests to have information about them removed from the SERPs.

The process is relatively simple. You fill out the form and Google tells you if it will unindex the URL.

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Fly away with Google’s New Pigeon Update


Next time you’re at the zoo, if you see a terrified person in either the panda or penguin cages, you can assume they’re just doing some SEO work.

A Short History

The first major update Google rolled was in 2009 and named Caffeine. Caffeine started at 2009 and ended almost a year later, in 2010. This update allowed Google’s algorithm to index new or updated webpages more quickly (hence the name).  Caffeine made Google’s search results fresher.

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