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  • What is Online Reputation Management?
    Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the art of taking control of the top search results that appear for a specific name or brand name on search engines. ORM has three different stages:
    • Promotion – We create and promote positive results so that people who search for your name will see the right information about you.
    • Transformation – We push down unwanted results and push up positives ones instead.
    • Protection – We take control of the first search results so that new, unwanted results won’t show up in the front pages.
    For a more detailed explanation of online reputation, click here.
  • What will I get?
    Veribo tailors its services to our clients' specific ORM needs. Search results are not only unique but also dynamic. As a result, we work with clients on an on-going, retainer basis to maintain control over their online reputation and protect it from future unwanted results.
  • How does ORM work?
    Online reputation management works by uploading and promoting relevant content and websites to gain better control over the search results. The challenge is to create content and websites that will outrank existing content, and blend-in naturally in your search results’ page.
  • How long will it take?
    Projects can range from a couple of months to years depending on the popularity and source of the unwanted results. After reviewing your specific ORM needs, we will be able to give a reasonable time frame and discuss this with you.
  • Why does it take this long to achieve results?
    Search engines use extremely intelligent algorithms to determine how to rank search results. It takes time for the search engines to recognize the content we upload and to regard it as more relevant than older results.
  • What is included in each project?
    Veribo's ORM projects are tailor-made, and we do whatever is necessary to reach the goals set for us. We'll do anything it takes, and work as long as it takes, to get perfect results.
  • Why isn’t there a fixed price?
    When it comes to reputation management, no two projects are the same. We build a bespoke strategy for each project. The price quoted reflects the amount of work needed to get the desired results. This is based on different parameters regarding the search term - competitiveness, geographical location, the age of the results, number of negative results, etc. After analyzing your search term(s) and goals, we offer you a package that best fits your needs.
  • How does Veribo push down negative results?
    The best way to push down negative results is by promoting positive or neutral ones. When we start your project, we’ll choose together the type of results you prefer. Then we’ll create new, relevant, high-quality content – and use our special tools and methodologies to promote it along with existing content you already like. Your personal reputation analyst will help you choose the image you want to portray and then build it for you.
  • Why do you focus on Google?
    While our efforts are focused on Google, they are also effective on Yahoo! and Bing. The vast majority of worldwide searches are performed on Google. Google is the most popular search engine because it displays the most relevant and meaningful results.
  • Why can’t you just delete the results?
    The only way to erase a result that has already been indexed by Google is to contact the webmaster and request that they delete the page or change the wording. Most webmasters refuse this request. They have also been known to create even more of the unwanted information after being contacted. As a result, generally, it is not advised to contact webmasters but to simply bury the information on results pages that will no longer be found by most searchers.
  • Shouldn’t I use an SEO company?
    SEO projects usually focus on promoting one existing website for competitive search terms. This is only a small part of ORM We don't try to get one result to rank higher. Rather, we work to gain full control over the search results for a specific search term. We do this by creating online assets that contain relevant, truthful, well-written content and then promote them in the search results. It's delicate work that requires a specific skill set.
  • What SEO services do you offer?
    We use SEO tactics to promote the content we generate. We do not, however, accept SEO work.
  • Why do you need to upload more content about me?
    Without additional content, we will not be able to push down unwanted results. Search engines base their indexing on many factors. Two of the major factors are what is written on the page and how it is written. Expertly written content is used to create a variety of optimized web assets that bury the unwanted results below them.
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