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What Will Your Online Reputation Say About You In 2013?

Online Reputation Management

The first blog of the year for Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz: Analysis of 2012 and some predictions for the year ahead. In 2013 the emphasis will very definitely shift from the broad sweeps of mass advertising to more intimate and personal marketing strategies and planning. How this affects online reputation management remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: It won’t be nearly enough to just provide positive content in the hopes that it will diminish negative online results for your company or personal name. Online reputation management is a fully fledged member of the marketing family.

Online Reputation Is No Longer a Buzz Word

Online reputation management to be specific, will no longer be confined to influencing search results. ORM is going to become a sincere and serious part of any inbound marketing strategy and will utilize all aspects of online marketing. Google remains the dominant choice for internet users around the globe and the company will continue to roll out updates to Penguin, that will further seek to weed out spam, manipulative link schemes and provide more informative and accurate information for internet users. Instead of trying to bypass Google algorithms, professional ORM companies will work on long term strategies that provide long lasting results that actually enhance online reputation instead of just removing negative reviews or articles.

Top Online Reputation Management Tips For 2013

Possibly one of the most important aspects of online reputation management is protecting your good name. There’s a lot that you can do as an individual to protect, promote and enhance your online reputation.

  • Stay Ahead Of The Curve: I mentioned Rand’s blog post for a reason; staying ahead of internet trends and changes is one of the most important aspects of managing and controlling your online reputation. Keep up with what is happening in online marketing and if you see an opportunity to utilize a marketing channel to enhance your online reputation in 2013 then take it.
  • Bad News Travels Fast: Never make the mistake of underestimating the speed at which bad news travels on the internet. You have to keep up with what is being said about you. Whether it is your personal name, your company name or your brand reputation. Do something as simple as setting up Google Alerts to notify you of new information posted online about your good name.
  • Rapid Response Time: It’s a sad fact that a large percentage of negative information (reviews) found online is only there because a company didn’t respond fast enough to their client base. A large part of managing your online reputation will be because of your actions and how you handle your customer service online. Do you immediately respond to your clients? Do you resolve customer complaints? Do you reply to communication sent to you by customers and clients?
  • The Internet Is Not Anonymous: If you have personal information and photographs that you don’t want associated with your name don’t post them online. Be very aware of what other people ‘tag’ you with on social media sites. The humble ‘tag’, could become the tar brush that ruins your reputation.
Remember that your personal reputation on the internet is just as important as the reputation of a company or brand. A negative online reputation could hinder your efforts to find employment, get a promotion and can damage your reputation forever. In 2013, you need to take a good look at how you want to be seen online compared to your web presence right now.
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