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Facebook’s Graph Search Impacts On Reputation Management: Search and Social

Facebook's Graph Search

Getting a head start in 2013, Facebook launched their new search tool: Graph Search. At a press event held at company offices in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg and team announced the latest innovation and offering from social media giant. This is considered Facebook’s strongest attempt to break into the search market yet, and Graph Search will have an impact on how we manage social media and how results will returned.

How Graph Search Will Influence Your Online Reputation Management Strategy

While many analysts are commenting and predicting how much of the effort put into Graph Search is driven by the need for monetization of the network, it will have an impact and influence on ORM strategies. The new tool will allow Facebook users to search their friends ‘likes’ and recommendations and will return results based on user preferences. It’s important to note that Facebook has an excellent partnership with Microsoft and Bing and is already returning Bing search results when users use Facebook as a search engine.

Google+ has been integrating search and social for over a year and the results are positive, if not outstanding. In beta testing, perhaps Graph Search will manage to achieve the ultimate combination of ‘search and social’ that everyone has been looking for.

In terms of online reputation management it will become increasingly important to monitor, manage and control all of your social media activity. The potential for Graph Search as a marketing tool is immense, but in terms of online reputation, the flipside is just as strong. If you visit the Facebook page advertising Graph Search, you’ll see “Discover restaurants, music and more…” The more positive reviews you get, the more ‘likes’ you get, the more likely you are to be noticed in search.

Concerns have been raised about privacy though Facebook has been quick to reassure users that their privacy settings are sacrosanct. I’d go and button down the hatches and make sure – just to be sure.

Massive marketing and online potential ahead. We’ll keep you posted on how Graph Search rolls out and just how you can control and ensure that your information online remains private.

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