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Tweet Your Way To A Better Online Reputation

Tweet Your Way To A Better Online Reputation

Twitter is not just for celebrities and personal tweets. If used correctly it can be one of the most important tools that you can use to enhance your online reputation.

Twitter boasts millions of users worldwide, a large portion of which log in on a daily basis and because this site has so much potential, it’s fast becoming the premier business reputation tool that can be used to reach out and communicate with a captive audience in real time. If you run a blog but are finding it difficult to get a good readership level, you may want to use Twitter more regularly. This site has some brilliant marketing uses and this is why some of the biggest brands rely on it for exposure. Due to so many celebrities using the site, users flock there for a taste of the action and if you start devoting time into social media marketing with the following tips, you could be seeing results in no time.

Hash Tags and Re-Tweets For Better Online Reputation

Making use of the hash tags on Twitter will certainly get your name out there. Hash tags are the ‘it’ thing right now so if you can include your brand name in a hash tag and get that hash tag used by fellow tweeters, you could be striking gold. When hash tags go viral, you will be known worldwide.  Another feature on the website is re-tweeting and a lot of people make use of this. Beneficial in many ways, this tool was once used to find a missing dog in the city of Dublin. After numerous re-tweets filling up the homepage, the dog was found and the owner informed. This displays the power of re-tweeting on Twitter so if you have something interesting that you want to share with the world about your blog, consider this technique.

There are many applications online that are linked to Twitter and if you want to enhance your reputation online, you will find many that allow you to expand on your Twitter follower list. By following like-minded individuals, you will gain credits which allow you to receive follows from other people. This is great for a business and for all bloggers because the people following you will be genuinely interested and often, it is possible to get hundreds of followers in a few minutes.

When it comes to online reputation every tool must be used judiciously and in consultation with your marketing department. remember that if you fall afoul of the ‘Twitterverse’ you could be doing your online reputation a great deal of damage.

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