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Personal Online Reputation – How Much Do Your Reveal Online?

Control Your Personal Reputation Online

Do you have control over the personal information online and how can this affect your online reputation in the future? The internet has become an important part of our lives. Some may say that it is the most important part of our lives and has changed the way that we interact with other people forever. We are all interconnected in some way, thanks to the internet, but has it become too much? Are we letting go of our right to privacy? While some conspiracy theorists are touting government as the biggest threat to our personal privacy, perhaps it has become ourselves that pose the most risk to privacy and private information.

Let’s Get Personal – Your Reputation Online

With the way that many sites are structured, (I’m talking about social media specifically here) our personal information is available for the world to see. It may seem innocuous, but right now, the world can see what you’re reading online, what you’re listening to and where you are on the planet. This information is available for others to see because we make it available.

Protect Your Privacy Online

It’s not always possible to control this information, although many social media sites do allow for some privacy settings and filters. the more interaction you have on the internet, the more information you are going to find about yourself online. You need to pay attention to your individual reputation online at all times as it could have an impact on employment opportunities, schooling and professional accreditation. Anyone who is in a mid to senior management positions right now should be constantly monitoring their online profile to see what is being said about them and what information is available.

What You Can Control

Firstly, let me start by telling you what you cannot control… You can’t control what people say about you and where they say it. Freedom of speech is entrenched in many countries constitutions and you are not able to ‘take down’ negative information on your own. If the information is incorrect, libelous or damaging, you may take legal action, but that is the extent of your control. What you can do though is control who sees the information that is posted online. With clever protection and promotion strategies and risk analysis you can affect the placement and readership of information on the internet.

Protect yourself at all times by being informed. Stay alert and don’t post/blog about/ comment on anything that you are not sure about. Your online reputation is sometimes all you have to present to the world. The internet has changed the way we interact and now we need to change the way we use the internet to make sure that it doesn’t affect us negatively.

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