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Word On The Street… Is Your Online Reputation Squeaky Clean?

Online Risk Analysis

Does your online reputation tell the world what you want it to? Businesses and brands love it when people talk about them. The buzz and hype surrounding brands is something that advertising just can’t buy. If people on the street are talking about your business, then you can be sure that you’re a hit. It’s a little different though when it comes to the information super highway.

Online Risk Analysis For Corporate Brand Protection

The power of word-of-mouth advertising and marketing must never be underestimated in the context of the internet. If your marketing department is not tracking the responses and the market sentiment online then your business is not going to be able protect and promote your brand. Online risk analysis needs to be employed by any business that is serious about doing business online. If people are saying negative things about your business, or responding negatively to your brand message then you need to evaluate, reassess and realign your brand.

Control Information on Google

Can you really control what is said about your business online? You most certainly can respond and control the amount of people that see negative information. The key is in first knowing what is being said about you and then being able to respond with content that effectively ‘buries’ negative content that shows up in the search engines. You can’t control your online marketing if you don’t understand your online risk analysis.

Content is still going to be the most important way of getting positive information onto the web about your brand. You need to start thinking of all the different online tools that you can use to protect and promote your brand on the World Wide Web. Social media is a tool that can be used to generate content; it is a way to reach out and ‘speak’ to YOUR public instantaneously. Far too many people use social media as a response, but savvy marketers know that social media is about placing proactive content where it needs to be, instananeously.

Keep your online reputation safe and promote your brand using the power of the internet; don’t let the internet become your downfall. It’s a powerful tool in the hands of the public and you need to harness that power to your advantage.

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