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Protect and Promote Your Brand – The New Marketing Wave

Protect Your Online Brand

There are two aspects of your online reputation that you need to take action on. The first, and most common is to promote your brand, your name or your business online. The second is to protect your reputation so that it does not work against you on the world wide web. These two actions: Promotion and protection, need to be performed simultaneously and consistently to get the best results.

Promote Your Brand Online

There has been much written about the promotion of brands on the internet. Even small business owners can effectively promote their brand name and company services online without too much trouble. The internet and the technology the drives it is changing on a daily basis and to capture your slice of this massive market you need to engage in active promotion of your brand. If you do it right and you manage your blogs, PR, social media and fully optimize yoru website, you’re going to get noticed. More traffic to yoru website means an increase in the number of people who are viewing your brand – All great news!

Protect Your Brand Online

What happens though, after you’ve got all of this promotion and publicity off the ground? With an increase in attention you’re going to garner some negative comments and possible even negative press. What can you do about stopping people saying things about you? Nothing. What you can do is to promote your brand in such a way as to effectively bury the negative comments and information about your company. In many instances, protecting your brand from negative press online is even more important that promotion. Customers and consumers are more alert and interested in what is happening in the world than ever before. they serach the internet to find information which helps them cement their buying decisions. You need to make sure that your potential clients are only seeing what you want them to see.

Online Reputation Risk Analysis

To start any protection of your online brand you need to perform a detailed online reputation risk analysis to highlight exactly where the information about your company is and how best to ensure that it is handled and managed in an effective way. Don’t let a couple of negative reports damage your business when you can take steps to manage and control your online brand presence.

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