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Corporate Reputation Management – Look Who’s Talking About You

Corporate Reputation Managment

Keeping track of your online reputation means you have to keep track of exactly who is saying what about your business and your brand. The success of your business online means that you have to protect your brand and minimize negative perception and well as to promote you brand through positive and effective content online. One of the best ways to track your online reputation is to have a professional online risk analysis performed on ‘internet brand’.

Citations and Online Reputation Management

When you’re learning about reputation protection you need to learn about “citations”. A citation is any reference to your business name. Perhaps an online “Yellow Pages” or some other kind of directory listing from your area. Your local Chamber of Commerce can reference your business name. A citation does not have to link to your website to have an impact on search engine ranking. Search engine algorithms look for mentions of your business name while indexing your site. Although finely tuned to pick up spam, if your business name has a higher number of citations it will rank higher on search engines.

This is all great news for higher ranking, but it can also be your downfall. If people are talking about yoru brand in a negative light, you may get a higher ranking, but your traffic and conversion rate will plummet. For effective online reputation protection you need to take note of the number of people and mentions that you get online and, if there is any negativity, you need to follow up with effective positive content.

Brand Reputation Through Content

More content means more traffic and if you have a  measure of control over the content, then you’re able to control your online brand profile. Regular blog posts create buzz as well as creating content which can be linked back to your site to increase ranking and traffic. Try to avoid paying for links, or if you have to then be very careful about whom you buy links from. They tend to end up looking like spam. Use blogs as a way of increasing your online reputation by commenting on other blogs that fall into your market. Interlink your pages, but do not use too many. The bots can pick this up. It is better to have fewer excellent links than to interlink too much.

Create a brand that is recognizable by everyone. Whether it is for a blog or a website your brand will become well known if it is well designed. Linking is a symbiotic relationship. The more outbound links that you have, the more inbound links you will get. It’s as simple as that. SEO relies on exponential growth. Higher ranking takes time and it need to grow. Don’t expect it to be an overnight success. Page rank will develop as you increase the amount of your quality content, as well as making an effort to increase your back links.

It’s not always easy to try and keep up with what is being said about your brand, which is why many businesses choose a professional to handle their corporate reputation. Keeping ahead of the pack on Google, means you need to get on top of what the world is saying about you.

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