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Social Networks and Your Online Reputation Protection

online reputation management

Your social networking profile and pages could be revealing more than you think and possibly even damaging your online reputation, as HR consultants have warned. The world is extremely interconnected and people use social networking as an extension of their lives and a reflection of their personalities. Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest are fantastic ways to stay in touch with friends and family, and they also enable us to let the world know all about our personal interests and daily lives. Could there be a negative element to social sites?

Potential Employers and Reputation Protection

It is vital for everyone to understand that each piece of information that you, or someone else, places onto the internet is there for everyone to see. Despite privacy laws and settings it is not possible to monitor every scrap of information is available to the public on the internet. Recently, an employer demanded a jobseekers Facebook password during an interview. Employers suggest that they have the right to drug tests and personality tests, so why not have access to social media to gauge the suitability of potential candidates.

Corporate Reputation Protection

It may seem like the proverbial storm in a tea-cup, but this article and blog post serve to highlight the blurred lines between public and personal life, especially when it come to the world wide web. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to control and analyze everything that is said about them on the internet, and there is certainly no way of censoring what is said.

Online Reputation Management For Business Owners

If you run a business that is active online, or you think you have been receiving negative comment online, then you need to take a look at reputation protection. You need to look at what everyone is saying about your company, which includes employees, clients, and suppliers. You need to examine websites, news sites, and the blogosphere and most importantly: Social Media.

Hiring an online reputation management consultant enables you to have your finger on exactly what is being said about your business. In-depth analysis and strategy mean that you’ll be able to control what people are saying about you by minimizing negative comments and maximizing the positive aspects of your business.

Read the full article by HR Analyst Jennifer King on her HR blog.

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